Membrane Switch Technologies (Pty) Ltd has its origins as far back as 1983 when Technor/Molex  started the first locally made membrane switch manufacturing facility in South Africa. What started as a small plant with limited in-house manufacturing, artwork generated with “Letraset” on a drafting table and most cutting done with jigs and templates, has developed into a full-scale automated and semi-automated operation with semi automatic printing presses, die-cutting presses, computer generated artwork and design, with many complex projects undertaken that compare with the best in the industry.

In 1995 Technor/Molex sold the Membrane Switch Division to Colin Jennings and Membrane Switch Technologies (Pty) Ltd was born. Additional exciting products were introduced to the manufacturing capability of MST which brought exponential growth and market share. Flexible Copper Circuitry was introduced in 1999 with full in-house etching and tin-plating capacity. This brought with it the exciting addition of Built-In LED's and other components but with the advantage of being soldered instead of “glued” as was the norm in the industry. Many complex and large panels are now manufactured with LED's, back-lighting and other SMT components included which reduce overall  costs for the end-user. 

A further addition to MST ‘s capabilities are large format digital printers. These printers have added Vinyl labels and Display Banners to the in-house product range of MST.  Membrane Switch Technologies prides itself on uncompromising quality and service.  Only the best Brand Name Adhesives and Polycarbonate Material are used in the manufacture of our products. Membrane Switch Technologies (Pty) Ltd has always taken pride in the ability to offer complete and innovative solutions for run-of-the-mill as well as complex industry membrane switch requirements.